Product lines for EU and APAC markets

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04:07 16.04.2020

Product lines for EU and APAC markets

Product line №1 – V2X software


  • Automotive V2X technologies (ETSI ITS-G5 and 3GPP C-V2X) are ready for deployment
  • V2X pilot projects launched successfully in the EU, US, APAC and now in Russia
  • Vehicle OEMs install ITS-G5 (DSRC) systems since 2017. VW Golf equipped with V2x. C-V2X deployment started in China
  • V2X services standardized in EU and US: vehicle safety, traffic efficiency
  • Additional V2X services for AVs and ITS infrastructure owners will be standardized soon

V2X devices

  • To run V2X services you will need vehicle On-Board-Unit (OBU), Roadside Unit (RSU) and back-end software
  • RSU and OBU usually have similar HW architecture (control MCU, V2X transceiver, other I/O)
  • RSU and OBU embedded SW is complex and implements more than 25 applications / use cases based on V2X standards V2X customers
  • Automotive OEMs and Tier 1s – install OBU into vehicles to implement V2V safety use cases and to support AV operation
  • Smart cities, start roads, other ITS customers – install RSUs to enable V2I safety and traffic efficiency use cases


  • V2xSmartCore (V2SC) – V2X SW stack with advanced V2I features
  • V2xAvPlatform (V2AP) – back-end SW provides services to road infrastructure owners (operators) and AVs

Supported use cases

  • Red light violation warning, signal phase timing information
  • Road works warning
  • Electronic brake lights
  • Pedestrian warning
  • Busy intersection
  • Vehicle speed recommendation
  • Traffic priority
  • Road works information
  • … more use cases supported. Please request additional product information for details

Selling points

  • We provide end-to-end solution (V2SC + V2AP) that could be promptly deployed by the end customer (e.g. smart city)
  • We own all source code so we could quickly modify the set of features
  • Our SW supports ITS-G5 as well as C-V2X standards so that features immediately available on both platforms
  • We focus on niche markets and early adopters such as: Smart city / smart road pilots; Automotive test plants; Connected motorcycles, race cars; Agricultural vehicles; Autonomous vehicles

Product delivery options

Device SW: license the SW for OBUs and RSUs or partner with OBU and RSU makers to sell devices with preprogrammed SW Back-end SW: sell SW license to smart city / smart road customer, charge NRE for SW customization and new features dev.

Product line №2 – ITS Integration Platform

Market status

  • ITS deployed worldwide, C-ITS (Cooperative ITS) deployment is expected soon
  • Smart road and connected vehicle concepts are well accepted
  • Data analytics and AI assisted decision making improve ITS efficiency

Our solution

  • Together with partners we developed ITS integration platform which aggregates data from various ITS sub-systems. It uses data analytics and AI assisted decision making to improve ITS services efficiency.
  • Together with partners we implemented 15 unique use cases enhance road safety and improve traffic efficiency. They use data from integrated ITS sub-systems including traffic lights control, pedestrian detection, emergency vehicle notification, public transport tracking, weather station and V2X. The above use cases were recently tested in 3 cities. • Our core product is the situation aware decision support engine and UI to automate operations in the traffic control room

Information Flow

  • Traffic lights control: SPAT: signal phase timing; MAP: crossroad topology data; Pedestrian detection; Traffic flow data; Information for the variable message signs; Traffic priority data
  • V2X services: CAM: vehicle status and moving data; DENM: decentralized network event notifications; RSU control and OTA upgrade; Results of the V2X data analytics
  • Public transport control: Statistical data; Bus stoops data; Vehicle types data; Vehicle time schedule status; Analytical reports
  • Video monitoring: Vehicles queues; Road accidents detection
  • Environmental monitoring: Environmental pollutions, noise levels
  • Traffic rules enforcement: Traffic rules violations, traffic detector data
  • Special transport control: Hazmat materials transportation data


ITS integrators and ITS solutions providers

Selling points

  • The solution integrated with several leading traffic control system vendors and could be deployed to a new location with small integration effort
  • The solution is based on OSS. We could provide our software source code to the end customer, if required.
  • 15 comprehensive use cases already tested in 3 cities

Product delivery options

License the SW license to smart city / smart road customer, charge NRE for SW customization and new features development


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