Мы разрабатываем:

программное обеспечение для автомобильных систем беспроводной связи (V2V, V2I, V2x) на основе стандартов ETSI ITS-G5 и 3GPP C-V2x. Данное ПО работает в автомобильных электронных системах V2x (англ. - On-board Unit, OBU) и в элементах телекоммуникационной инфраструктуры V2x (англ. - Road Side Unit, RSU). Также мы разработали ПО для сервисной V2x-платформы и системы аналитики данных V2x.

Это позволяет:

  • повысить безопасность дорожного движения;
  • повысить эффективность управления дорожным движением;
  • обеспечить движение автомобилей с высокой степенью автоматизации функций управления;
  • реализовать сервисы для оператора дорожной инфраструктуры.

Наш коллектив имеет большой опыт разработки, пилотирования и внедрения автомобильных систем V2x. Наше решение V2x обладает следующими отличительными чертами: широкий перечень реализованных сервисов, гибкость настройки системы, высокий уровень интеграции с системами ИТС / АСУДД, система аналитики данных.


We develop:

Back-end server software, core and components with individual selection of solutions for different project tasks:

  • integration of project components with external systems and among themselves;
  • reception, processing, format conversion and transmission of datastreams;
  • organization of long-term failsafe data storage;
  • organization of secure access to system components using modern cryptographic algorithms;
  • organization of access to user interfaces;
  • processing and execution of user commands.

We have experience in:

  • developing enterprise-grade software product with applying microservices architecture using application server for Java EE component;
  • software development and deployment in cloud services including Amazon S3 compatible services;
  • a practical implementation of Continuous Integration, Continuous Development and DevOps processes;
  • organizing Kubernetes clusters application of automatic scaling systems;
  • developing of automated monitoring systems.


We solve next tasks:

  • object recognition modules using neural networks and OpenCV and DLib libraries;
  • development of recognition algorithms with specified characteristics;
  • testing of the developed recognition systems to confirm the characteristics of the recognition modules;
  • integration of recognition modules with Basler cameras.

We have experience in:

recognition of handwritten text, objects on photos and videos:human, traffic lights and road signs (including type of signs, temporary signs and other attributes)

Data analytics

We have successfully realised several projects in the field of big data analytics for large Russian and foreign customers:

  • i.g. operators of specialized radio network: processing big data coming from V2x automotive equipment;
  • determination of the driving style of the person by heterogeneous data coming from multiple sources such as mobile applications, automotive telematics equipment etc.

Data processing take place both in real time and in batch modes.

We solve next tasks:

  • development of data models;
  • development of special data analysis modules on client's request;
  • creation of technical documentation; creation of data analysis methods to improve the accuracy of machine learning algorithms.

Mobile App

Development of software for mobile devices running Android and iOS in Java, Kotlin, Swift.

Mobile applications have been implemented for a wide range of customers including specialized communication systems, emergency services, telematics platforms and smart city systems.


We check the quality of the created software product using different types of testing to increase the speed and quality of product versions supplying including testing of web applications, services, embedded software, data analytics.

We solve

  • the next tasks verification of technical requirements for the possibility of their implementation and control to reduce risks at the early stages of the project;
  • planning the testing process for its transparency;
  • writing simulators for autonomous testing of individual components to correct defects;
  • writing test methods according to GOST and IEEE standards to ensure the quality of testing in accordance with the level specified by the standards.


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