Ending of the Autodata project's mockups development

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01:10 18.01.2020

Ending of the Autodata project's mockups development

The development of mockups for Autodata project was ended on December, 16. Mockups are designed to clarify the requirements of two types of data. The first type is the data generated on board of vehicles equipped with telematics devices. The second type of data is the data contained in various existing public and private information systems, elements of road infrastructure and subsystems of intelligent transport systems. Also, the developed mockups are designed to clarify and verify the requirements for collecting, consolidating and processing data in the designed Autodata platform. In total, 4 mockups were developed - the mockup of the Autodata platform, the mockup of the Static Load Generator, the mockup of the Dynamic Load Generator and the mockup of the Smart Road Load Generator. These mockups are designed to work out various requirements, such as information impact with various data sources or processing of received data.


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